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The Evergreen Center of Oriental Medicine is a clinic comprised of 3 acupuncture therapy rooms, a comprehensive Chinese herbal pharmacy, and a Chinese tea serving area.  We specialize in acupuncture for various pain syndromes, musculo-skeletal disorders, nervous disorders, cosmetic acupuncture and weight management. We also prescribe custom herbal formulas for disorders of internal medicine; primarily gastroenterology (digestive diseases), urology (male reproductive/urinary disorders), and gynecology. We can fill your prescription, and cook and package the decoction into convenient single-dose pouches that are easy to transport and store.

Our comprehensive herbal pharmacy presently contains over 250 individual crude medicinal herbal medicine, which provides us with the flexibility to prescribe custom herbal formulas based on each patient’s individual and unique presentation and underlying patterns.  Our pharmacy also has an automatic herbal medicine extraction and packaging machine.  This double boiler machine can save customers the time and effort needed to decoct herbal medicine at home.  It packages the decocted herbal medicine in serving size pouches that are made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate: used in food and beverage containers), which has no toxicity, can resist high temperatures, and conforms to food product safety standards. Other herbal products also include formulated tinctures, granules, teapills medicinal wines as well as external herbal liniments, balms and plasters. Our pharmacy can also make custom formulated tinctures, plasters and pastes, poultices, external soaks, as well as powder bulk herbs and minerals.  Prescriptions from other clinics/physicians may also be filled.  Just call, e-mail, or fax in your prescription and we will fill it as soon as possible.
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We are in the process of expanding our selection of the finest Chinese Tea imported from southern China.  We will have loose tea of all 6 major varieties of tea; green, yellow, white, blue-green (oolong), red and black.  Teapots, teaware, and accessories are all available for a unique tea tasting experience.  Please contact us for future tea tasting and preparation classes.

What to expect on your first visit

Your first visit will consist of a patient consultation, acupuncture treatment and/or herbal formula prescription.  The patient consultation is a comprehensive interview and exam based on the Chinese medical 4 examinations:
Inspection of one’s spirit, physical form and bearing, face and complexion, and tongue.
Listening (auscultation) to one’s voice, and the sound of one’s breathing as well as smelling (olfaction) any odors emanating from one’s body.
Inquiry about one’s signs, symptoms, medical history, and course of disease.
Palpation of various areas of the body and especially the pulse at the both wrists. 

Using a combination of these four examinations, signs, symptoms, tongue, and pulse diagnosis, the physician can determine the pattern of disharmony. Treatment is then determined by 2 diagnoses: the Chinese medical disease diagnosis and pattern diagnosis.  From these 2 diagnoses, a therapeutic principle is derived and applied to the treatment plan.

The typical treatment consists of acupuncture and the following adjunctive therapies when applicable, such as: moxibustion, electrical stimulation, scraping, cupping and tuina (Chinese medical massage therapy).
Prescriptions may include crude herbal formulas, patent Chinese herbal medicines, dietary therapies, exercise and/or rest, qi gong – breathing practice, self massage, and any other self-help therapies that my be beneficial in the restoration of patient’s health.

Acupuncture treatment procedures

Acupuncture         Insertion of solid, fine sterile disposable needles into the skin at specific                               acupuncture points.

Cupping       Use of glass jars to create a vacuum on the skin to increase blood circulation, remove                        blood  stasis & alleviate pain.

Scraping (Gua Sha)     Use of a rounded, smooth-edged tool such as a ceramic spoon to scrape well                                         lubricated skin.

Moxibustion    Use of mugwort to apply heat stimulus close to the skin to remove obstruction of qi                           and blood; dissipate cold; eliminate dampness and warm yang.

Tui Na       A traditional form of massage used for the treatment and prevention of a wide variety of                   common ailments.

Electrical Stimulation       Use of electric current applied to acupuncture needles to alleviate pain.


Possible risks and benefits of these procedures:

Potential Risks         A temporary discoloration of the skin, possible bruising, and/or mild discomfort at the site of treatment.

Potential Benefits       The relief of presenting symptoms and improved balance of the body’s energies, which may lead to prevention or elimination of the presenting problems.


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