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Green:   Non-oxidized. Cold natured. Boosts metabolism, eases constipation, brighten the eyes, benefits the skin, high in anti-oxidants.

White:  Lightly-oxidized.  Cool natured.
Boosts metabolism, benefits digestion. Especially beneficial for women – supports & regulates endocrine system.

Yellow:  Lightly-oxidized. Cool natured.
Very rare, only 2-3 varieties worldwide.  Similar to white tea.

Blue-Green: Semi-oxidized.  Neutral nature.
Assists digestion, reduce blood lipids, promotes weight loss, regulates blood sugar, lifts the spirit, alerts the mind.

  • Tie Guan Yin:  Iron Goddess of Mercy (compassion).
  • Dan Cong

Red: In the west, recognized as “black tea”.  Completely oxidized. Hot Natured.
Warms the stomach, best for the winter season.

Black: Heavy or continuous oxidation. Also known as Puer tea.
Benefits digestion, reduces blood lipids, promotes weight loss, reduces hypertension, regulates blood sugar. 
  • Raw (green)  naturally oxidized.
  • Hand-Processed (red)

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